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Red Pandas


5,000 uniquely generated red pandas on the Cronos Chain with various of silly traits.

Red Panda x Cronos

The Cronos Red Pandas have finally arrived to the Cronos Chain. Owning a red panda grants you access to the Red Forest Club. We're building a sustainable community for NFT enthusiasts on Crypto.com's first chain, the fastest growing crypto company.

a panda and Join us on our journey, their is lots to come. Check out our road map for more info.

Rarities and outfits

All of the Red Pandas' metadata are stored on Arweave, a decentralized data storage system.

Each Cronos Red Panda is generated from over 180 possible traits. Each trait has its own rarity, giving you the chance to own your own unique Red Panda.

Building The future

Phase 1 - Launch

1. Set up website and social media platforms for marketing.

2. Provide giveaways, create a community and increase project awareness.

Phase 2 - Marketplace

1.  Set up a rarities list and create a marketplace.

2. Collaborate with influencers and release limited edition NFTs.

3. Land on the DeFi Wallet

Phase 3 - Expansion

1. Implement breeding/gaming to our project.

2. Introduce a new animal into the Red Forest Club.

Phase 4 - A New World

1. Collaborate with Crypto.com and explore the metaverse